Paris-Saclay University

Participation in the 2023 edition of the Digitals for Genomics hackathon (team DeepContact, Institut Pasteur). Participation in the 2021 and 2022 editions of "Nuit de l'Info". Participation in the 2023 edition of the iGEM competition (iGEM Évry-Paris-Saclay team).

Scientific baccalaureate with a speciality in life and earth sciences and a European mention in English


Lycée Notre-Dame, Le Mans (France, 72)

Obtaining the baccalaureate with honours. Participation in the chemistry olympiads (qualified first in the departmental tests in Sarthe in 2020). In 2020, my class participated in the "Passeport Recherche" project; we worked with CRCINA Researchers from Angers (49) on cancer.

Work Experiences

Internship in bioinformatics

July-August 2023

Pasteur Institute

In the Spatial Regulation of Genomes team, development of a piece of software as an attempt to speed up reads location identification for Hi-C data, on repeated regions of the genome using previously detected repeats (RepeatMasker).

Internship in computational neurosciences

May-June 2023

Lyon Neurosciences Research Center

Study of rat electrophysiological (LFP, respiration, whisking) signals using Python scripting.


A short week of internship in a web development agency. Participation in the writing of a documentation and a piece of script for processing the output of a detection and identification model of nocturnal bird calls based on audio spectrograms. Discovery of the Scrum method.

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